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Publishing Pitaara took an initiative to honour the top 8 remarkable personalities of India. The top 8 remarkable personalities of India are Sunil Maheshwari, Mayaa SH, Jagannath Kharate, Sky Innovation & Services, Hetal Sachde, AK Dhiman ‘Veer’, Divya Trivedi and Chahat Jain.

Sunil Maheshwari

In a world where talent shines bright and inspiration knows no bounds, Sunil Maheshwari, hailing from the serene town of Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, has emerged as a multi-talented, multi-tasking personality whose remarkable journey has captivated the hearts of many. Sunil, with his roots deeply embedded in the culture of Kasganj, currently finds himself in the bustling city of Delhi, where he has carved a niche for himself as an Inspirational Writer, Author, Blogger, Poet, Speaker, Certified Life Coach.

Diversity is the hallmark of Sunil’s life. His list of hobbies includes Writing, Sketching, Life Coaching, Counseling, Music, Movies, and Listening to Ghazals. These interests have not only made him a versatile individual but also allowed him to connect with a wide range of people, inspiring and touching their lives in countless ways.

Sunil’s journey as a writer and inspirational figure is nothing short of extraordinary. His writings, which encompass poetries, articles, and quotes, have been featured and published in various local and national newspapers, social sites, e-newspapers, and social apps. His words have resonated deeply with readers, making them reflect and bring about significant changes in their lives.

However, Sunil’s contributions go beyond the written word. His role as a Certified Life Coach on Udemy has allowed him to make a tangible impact on people’s lives by providing guidance, healing, and answers to their queries.

In his literary journey very soon his solo book i.e सपने है आंखों में, मेहनत है हाथों में is coming to inspire everyone

One of the most impressive aspects of Sunil’s journey is the numerous awards and accolades he has received over the years. Some of his most notable achievements include:

1. Author of the Year (Story Mirror): A testament to his exceptional writing skills and the influence of his work in the literary world.

2. First Prize in ICICI Bank Corporate Writing Competition: A recognition of his prowess in the world of corporate writing.

3. Top 10 Winner in Indian Institute of Management IIM Ranchi (Writing Competition): Acknowledgment from one of the premier management institutes in India.

4. Most Admired Writer of India by Story Mirror: Recognized as one of the most admired and influential writers in the country.

5. Sahitya Rachna Award by Sahitya Rachna: An award from a prominent literary organization, highlighting his contribution to Indian literature.

6. Iconic Personality of the Year Award by Inkzoid Foundation: An accolade for his iconic presence and contributions to various fields.

7. International Talent Awards by Inkzoid Foundation: Celebrated for his exceptional talents on the international stage.

8. Hindi Lekhak Purashkar by Momspresso App, National Pride Award Winner: Acknowledged for his significant contributions to Hindi literature.

9. Fabo Awards winner for Unique Talents: Honored for his unique and diverse talents.

10. Unique Personality of the Year 2022: Acknowledged as a unique and exceptional personality.

11. Top 18 Exceptional Talents of India: Recognized among the top talents in the country.

12. Top Magnificent Poet of India by Cherry Book of Awards: Celebrated as one of India’s magnificent poets.

13. International Talent Pillar Award 2022: Acknowledged as a pillar of talent on the international stage.

14. Glorious Book of Record Holder Awardee 2021: Recognized for his exceptional achievements.

15. Inkzoid Book of Record Holder 2021: A record holder in the prestigious Inkzoid Book of Records.

16. City Excellence Award ’23 by India News: Awarded for excellence in the city.

17. Awarded Best Inspirational Writer of the Year 2023 under Inspiring Indian Awards by MTV India News Channel: Celebrated as the best inspirational writer of the year.

Social media link

Instagram: My_soul_is_under_fire


Facebook page:

Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature. She is a multi-national and state award winner, a ten-time world record holder, an artist, a podcaster, and a chart-topping international fastest anthology co-authoress. Mayaa SH is an Indian author, writer, thinker, essayist, and women’s empowerment culturist. Her contemporary prose work has highlighted and broken so many stereotypes about women and their power of self-belief.

Jagannath Kharate

Samarpan Society No2 Room No-3, Near Shankar Mandir Yashodhan Nagar Pada No-2. Thane (W) 400606, No-8652629068, Date of Birth-13/6/60

Education- Y.Ch.m. Open University Mumbai B.A, Mass Communication Ad Journalism.

I am a writer, as well as a freelance journalist, and since 1978 AD, I have been doing public enlightenment and literature writing work in various newspapers without interruption. In recognition of this literary work, he was honored by Dai Sakal Pune, and also wrote a column in Dai Maharashtra Janamudra, newspapers for ten years. Also, he is writing on public awareness in various newspapers and on various eNews channels. Also, for his writing and social service work, he has been honored by various organizations. Vakratund Sahitya, Art, Culture Forum Thane, through the activities of various literary writing competitions, has provided a big platform to many budding writers. “Vakratund” Diwali issue, 2023, is a representative collection of Vakratund group, Shabtagandha Kavya Sangha has been an inspiration to the literary intellect.

Presented by Jagannath Kharate. Published Literature, Year, 2020,21

 1) Suvichar Sugandha,

2) In the Courtyard of Spirituality (2023).

3) Lights in the Darkness, (2023) (Introduction of Social Workers)

4) Color of Life (Collection of Short Stories, 2023)

5) Sahitya Prakash Diwali Special Issue (November 2023.) All these writings and edited materials are useful to the readers for the positive and pleasant progress of life from the knowledge of spiritual culture.

He has been honored with a certificate of honor through other organizations for this work. Yours truly, Jagannath Cha, Kharate-Thane

Sky Innovation & Services

SKY INNOVATION AND SERVICES is not just your average PR firm; it is a platform that empowers individuals to showcase their unique talents and personalities to the world. With a strong mission and vision, the company aims to enhance brand visibility, reputation, and reach through tailored PR solutions and strategic digital platforms. Led by a team of experienced professionals, SKY INNOVATION AND SERVICES provides comprehensive PR services that cater to the specific needs of each client.

Sky innovation owner Mr. Rohan Lodiwal gives this high-level value. He has gradually built a name for himself in his field. He has achieved such a thriving enormous success because of his Enormous Talent. he helps you dream big and stretch your horizons to create a compelling vision for your life. He is passionate about the creative process and looks forward to working with clients.

For availing the services of Sky Innovation & Services do contact only in, 7678679443,

Hetal Sachde

This is a Hetal Datta Sachde, founder of Diva lifestyle hub. She is a Life, Well-being & Career coach, Trainer, Speaker, Youtuber and Writer. She is a personal and corporate mentor. Hetal holds impressive qualifications, including M.Sc., MBA and NDDY. Also, international certifications NCDA, ISSA in life, career, and wellbeing coaching. She has done contribution as a co-author in numerous books and magazines. She has written solo book “Life tweak” and currently working on book “Blueprint of Growth”. She believes ‘Think right to live right, Believe because its works’. She enjoys reading books, spend time in nature, educating people, spending quality time with family.

For inquiries and consultations, you can reach out to her through the following channels:

•          Email:

•          Website:

•          Instagram: and @hetal.datta.sachde

•          Facebook: Career Coach – Hetal Datta Sachde

•          Twitter: @NutriTrend

•          LinkedIn: Hetal Datta

•          Contact/Whatsapp: 73043 60961

Additionally, Hetal manages a YouTube channel dedicated to wellness and meditation:

•          English Channel: DIVA LIFESTYLE HUB – Bring a change.

•          Hindi Channel: Diva Lifestyle Hub_Hindi

•          Gujarati Channel: Diva Lifestyle Hub_Gujarati

She conducts Career Coaching in Mumbai and all over India by Psychometric testing and counselling. If you want to know more about career counseling for your children, please connect with Diva lifestyle Hub. Diva lifestyle Hub works with a mission to promote “Empower Students for Right fit profession” Experience positive transformations with Diva Lifestyle Hub, Stay Connected.

AK Dhiman ‘Veer’

Amit Kumar Dhiman, widely recognized as AK Dhiman ‘Veer, is a prolific Authorpreneur and the innovative COO of the Swarn-Aabha Writing Community. With an online presence since 2022, he has co-authored a multitude of compelling anthologies, including “Showered by Curses!” and “The Tears we Remember.” His solo publications, such as “पौराणिक कथाओं के रहस्य” and “Do You Know? The World of Unknown Facts,” have garnered acclaim. Additionally, Dhiman has contributed significantly to various magazines, including the October 2021 and December 2021 editions of Tridesta, where he was honored with an exclusive author’s interview. As a testament to his literary prowess, he was bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Hindi Writer during the 1st-year anniversary of ‘The Opus Coliseum’ publication, receiving an e-Appreciation Letter, e-Badge, and e-Trophy for his remarkable contributions. He also received the Bharat Gaurav Samman Award, 2023 by India Proud Book of Records for the category of Best Authorpreneur, 2023 on 01st September, 2023 for motivating and inspiring new talents in the writing era. Moreover, he received the Guru Ratna Samman, 2023 on 05th September, 2023 for mentoring his community writers.

Divya Trivedi

Divya Trivedi is the Founder and CEO of Kitab Writing Publication. Her hobbies are writing, singing, and cycling. She eventually started her writing journey on 9th November 2020. And she published her first book titled “The beauty of quotes” on 4th of April 2021. As a writer, Divya Trivedi was always curious about how publishing companies are printing and listing the books. Like the processes behind it, what makes a publication at best, the processes of start-up, what kind of impact it creates in the reader’s community, etc. After learning and getting to know everything one by one, she decided to start her publication, not for anything else but just to Spread Goodness Spread Happiness around the world through books. And she also started working under publications from 10th of May 2021. Divya Trivedi’s dream was to Spread Goodness and Spread Happiness. That’s why she started a publication named SGSH Publication. SGSH publication was started on 30th October 2021 founded by Miss Divya Trivedi. She worked really hard to establish a well-known publication with a good mission like SGSH but later she realised publication is a business and in business sometimes we have to be strict, we have to be bold, we have to say Truth. But with SGSH name she was uncomfortable working in publication so she decided to Change the SGSH Publication to Kitab Writing Publication on 4th of March 2023. Till now, she has published 300+ solo books, 200+ anthologies and 1000+ books printed by her publication which is not possible without her constant and dedicated efforts from her side. Divya Trivedi aims no matter what always stay real and honest with customers. She wants to achieve this only with sincerity, honesty, and hard Work. She knows there are thousands of Publications, many even at top positions, but for Kitab Writing Publication she aims not just to provide publishing services but also she tries to provide writers Motivation and to Spread Truth. She is following one of her quotes “Pain also gives you pleasure when you love what you are doing.”

She has recently been awarded multiple and prestigious titles mentioned below:

1. Best publication of the year 2022 from Incredible Indian Awards

2. National book of records

3. Fastest growing publication in 2023 from World wide book of records

4. Asia’s Top 100 Entrepreneur 2023

5. Indian archiver forum and many more Google articles, magazine.

She publishes books and anthologies. Her publication is unique because of her Honesty, Hard Work and consistent efforts. In her opinion, earning money from the business is a little easy but when she has authors coming to her again and approaching her to publish their write-ups with full happiness and satisfaction is what makes her unique.  Each of her team members are very happy to work. More than a work and for money, they too are inspired by the mission of the publication and work for that. So not just the founder herself but every last member of her team is working for the same motto and writers are happy. She just sees this publication as the Best Publication in this world and also she sees herself as a Best Motivational Speaker for writers and Best Entrepreneur in the world. With her constant dedication she is going to reach the skies beyond the limit with flying colors. Her journey was a bit up and down, but setting up this publication is one of the best choices she have ever made.

Chahat Jain

My name is Chahat Jain and I am a 28 years old housewife. Ever since childhood, I have been a very avid reader and a curious being. Writing on a professional level had never held a meaning to me as it does now. It has been three years since I started writing, and the journey has been a very long one. Initially, I started my career by writing random quotes whenever they came to me. But a push from the right people in the right direction kicked start the passion I held within myself which I myself wasn’t aware of. It’s true when people say, “Those that matter will always push you to the ground so that you learn to stand on your own feet.” The people who always believed in me, and still do, are the ones responsible for where I am today. But apart from that, those that always doubted me capabilities are my real supporters, solely due to the reason that it was because of them that I lit the fire within me to not only prove them wrong, but to pursue my passion. I started my writing career as a co-author and at present, I have been a part of more than 20 anthologies with varying genres and themes. Currently, I am invested in various projects and these have helped me to not only grow as a writer, but find my ground as an author. I have also received many awards, such as Fledgling Writer’s award, Author of the year, the most Inspirational Writer, etc. I was also felicitated amongst the top 40 writers of India. I have featured in many magazines by various publications. At the moment, I am invested in getting my own book published, by the name THE CROOKED CANDOUR. My main genre happens to be psychological thrillers and this novella is based on the same. I like to keep my writing simple yet engaging, so that the reader keeps on turning the pages to quench their thirst for more. I dream to get my thoughts across the globe to all the people from different walks of life, to glorify India and to show everyone why India has always been referred to as the ‘VISHWA GURU’. The misconceptions that are still there in the minds of many people, I wish to erase them and pen down the image of India that it actually is.

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