Use Yoga as the Sun, not like candle; Ilashrei Anand, UNESCO Awardee and renowned Certified Yoga Psychologist, highlights the untapped potential of Yoga

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], June 21:  Mind is the backbone of health, highlights Ilashrei Anand, the UNESCO Awardee and renowned Certified Yoga Psychologist, who’s actively indulged in reviving the untapped potential of Yoga. Ilashrei Anand, the Asia’s 40under40 Businessworld Wellbeing winner, urges we normalise Yoga Psychology to heal relationships, mental health, physical wellbeing, or even career.

Ilashrei Anand quickly asks if people are actually having mental / physical health issues or are they simply struggling to be a little more understood / loved / accepted.? “ Did you know Yoga is the world’s first ever documented study of human behaviour that also confirms the psychosomatic Mind Body connection stated by Medical Science. For instance, ask yourself, Do people actually have Gut Issues or have they been struggling with Emotional Security? Do people actually have Allergies or are they Emotionally Over – Sensitive who’re struggling to be understood. Do people really have Thyroid or are they struggling to actually express themselves or often normalise a lot of their suffering ?” uninhibitedly asks Ilashrei Anand, who’s been healing people’s lives through unexplored power of Yogic Counselling, for over a decade now.

“So technically we’ve been seeing Yoga as a lamp when actually it’s the entire Sun.” quips Ilashrei Anand, “Yoga Psychology is not just Asanas and Pranayam, in fact it is not about that at all unless one is interested in them, instead Yoga Psychology is about identifying one’s core behaviours, patterns, sensitivities, traumas, fears, insecurities, etc and helping people resolve their issues through a single root cause.” explains Ilashrei Anand on how Yoga Psychology works, who’s been actively involved in healing lives of over 1 lakh people globally by spreading the Pre – Vedic ancient Vidhya of Yoga.

Your message to people on International Yoga Day?

Most often we are treating Symptoms and not the Root Cause, only because we want instant solutions, whether they heal us or damage us, is often ignored. If you are a parent who’s child is struggling with ADHD or you are facing issues in your relationship or simply you/ someone you know has been dealing with health issues for a while, and you are looking for some holistic approach to healing, Yoga Psychology is silently but powerfully waiting for you.

You’d be surprised to know how miraculously Integral Chakra Psychology works. Most of our Mental and Physical health issues, including Diabetes, Allergies, Vitamin Deficiency, PCOS, Thyroid, Weight issues, Cardiac issues, Gut Health, Back or Spine issues, etc largely a result of some unhealed emotional root cause.

Why Choose Yoga Psychology Therapy?

“Yoga Psychology is like the mitochondria of human psychology. It is the powerhouse of healing any issues. That’s because Yoga Psychology works by identifying individual root cause. Whether it is relationship issues or mental health issues like ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar, anxiety, panic attacks, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, etc, or physical health issues, like weight issues, Gut issues, etc, Yoga psychology addresses them differently for all since each soul has their individual journey, thus, everyone’s answers will be different. Yoga Psychology is about empowering yourself in most ultimate sense” says Ilashrei Anand, whose expertise with a determined approach also led her to be honoured with Yodha Kranti Award (Young Warrior Award).

About Ilashrei Anand

Ilashrei Anand is a highly experienced Yoga Psychologist with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve holistic well-being. She’s Internationally Awarded by UNESCO and also recognised as being the best in her work with 40under40 Award by Business World Well Being, besides being conferred various Awards from NGOs for her dedicated and selfless healing therapy sessions to those who cannot afford therapy. She gives online and offline sessions, both in personalised one-on-one Therapy sessions, besides hosting Mental Health workshops and conventions for institutes and corporates.

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