Embracing the wisdom of Goswami Vishal Nathdwara: A message to the young generation


New Delhi (India), June 9: In a world full of distractions and consistent changes, realising a sense of purpose and inner peace can be challenging, especially for the younger generation.  In view of this, Goswami Vishal Nathdwara, the acclaimed spiritual leader and son of Tilakayat Maharaj, the Chairman of the government-recognised Nathdwara Temple Board has a message that resounds substantially with the youth. 

Be ”Jal-Kamalvat,”a lotus in the swamp is what Goswami Vishal Nathdwara encourages the young generation to become. Just as a lotus blossoms beautifully amidst muddy waters, we should strive to steer through the challenges of life while staying untouched by negativity. 

While living in the world and appreciating its offerings is essential, learning to disconnect from experiences that influence us negatively is equally essential.

The office of Goswami Vishal Nathdwara has played an instrumental role in improving the condition of Shrinathji’s gaushalas that are spread across Mewad and function as a vital part of daily seva (service) for Lord Shrinathji. 

Goswami Vishal Nathdwara and his team are committed to two primary  agendas in transforming these gaushalas. Firstly, they endure to improve the quality of life for the cows, the holy animals worshipped in Hinduism. 

This incorporates measures such as delivering organic super napier grass feeds produced in Shrinathji’s fields, modern infrastructure for the sheds, cattle management training, and round-the-clock availability of veterinarians.

Additionally, his office lays emphasis on creating systems self-sustainable, assuring that the gaushalas can operate independently. This includes effective fund management and integrating various processes, like cattle feeding, grazing and milking, serving both the cows and Shrinathji’s seva.

In addition to his remarkable work at the gaushalas, Goswami Vishal Nathdwara has also authored a captivating book titled “The Adorable Shrinathji.” Originally designed as a children’s bedtime storybook, it soon grew into a 12-chapter graphic novel that appeals to both children and adults alike. 

The book describes the enchanting story of how Shrinathji manifested from Goverdhan Mountain. The illustrations of Shrinathji have also inspired children to visit the Shrinathji temple in Nathdwara. Goswami Vishal Nathdwara acknowledges that it is his obligation as an Acharya to connect souls to Prabhu (the divine) and is delighted that his book has achieved this, reaching readers both in India and abroad.

 Through his endeavours, Goswami Vishal Nathdwara offers a guiding light for the youth, motivating them to lead purposeful lives and embrace the magnificence of devotion and spirituality.

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