Driving Efficiency and Security in Verification: A Tech-Focused Interview with S Anand, CEO of PaySprint

1. In what ways does your Verification API use AI to streamline and improve background verification (bgv) processes?

Imagine a verification platform, which is robust, hassle-free and can conduct BGV Checks in no time. 

Sounds too far-fetched? 

Well, not anymore! 

Presenting SprintVerify, your one-stop destination that specialises in the spot-on verification process for recruiters, employers and employment background screening businesses with its exceptional verification APIs. This platform not just promises, but ideates.

With AI being a thread harnessing the potential of our product, we are weaving a web for a verification that expedites & automates these tasks, which otherwise is time-consuming. Many people can utilise our high-tech platform to eliminate any verification bumps while ensuring the security and accuracy of verification. 

Possible reasons for how SprintVerify serves as a one-stop verification solution are-

1. SprintVerify’s AI algorithms can automatically extract and analyse the data from various documents, such as IDs, employment histories, reducing any risk of human error.

2. Just like its sturdy interface, we have built our verification API to last. Through its advanced authentication techniques and document validation methods, it fetches fraud or identity theft just by skimming through the authenticity of documents, ensuring that only authorised individuals can eye through the cubicle of sensitive information.

3. SprintVerify is a viable tool for BGV processes, which has an eye for detail and can detect forged, tampered, or counterfeit documents, trapping the risk of identity fraud. 

4. Being a verification API provider, we guarantee ironclad reliability with OCR software in place. A tool that verifies the authenticity of documents and cross-references them with the issuing authority’s databases. Indeed steadfast and quite dependable for background checks.

5. Our Background Check API comes across as a robust tool, which detects fraud prevention through the real-time verification process. Thanks to the inbuilt AI, which encourages businesses to make immediate decisions based on accurate data, preventing fraudsters from manipulating the verification process over time.  

Well, our effective verification API solutions are exactly what a business may need to integrate into their BGV process while streamlining the employee onboarding, recruitment or verification, ensuring compliance.

2. What advantages does your AI-enabled Verification API offer for Know Your Customer (KYC) verification?

Scammed, duped, fraud!

Does it sound too synonymous with the news headlines each day?

Well, the probability may be extremely high, provided your digital footprints online. Nevertheless, there are instances where victims may have fallen into fraud traps, just as slipping into a quicksand. 

Well, not anymore. With our AI-enabled verification API, we help businesses become the right judge to ensure that their customers are who they claim to be. 

To do so, we have an innumerable number of APIs within KYC, we ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the documents.  By analysing a wide range of data points, document validation, and behavioural patterns, we can verify identities with a high degree of precision. 

Cross-referencing with Government Records

Our online KYC API might just be the first among equals, as it may have rigid controls to cross-reference an individual’s personal information with government records, promising legally valid results. Which is what distinguishes itself as the best choice in a field of competitors. 

Enhanced security measures 

SprintVerify establishes the gold standard for KYC API, allowing institutions to confidently detect or eliminate fraudulent activities and fake identities. It achieves this by implementing strict security measures like IP Fencing and a no data storing policy, while ensuring 24/7 uptime through cloud infrastructure hosting.  

Efficient streamlining 

Our AI-enabled verification API is a class apart because it simplifies the KYC Verification process and promises a hassle-free experience, ensuring support for multiple coding languages for developers resulting in agnostic and platform-independent development. 

In summary, our AI-enabled verification API continues to remain the best in the show, making it an indispensable tool for efficient and secure KYC Verification.

3. How has the implementation of AI in your Verification API improved the overall efficiency and accuracy of the verification process

Ever since SprintVerify was born, it has reintroduced the art of verification for the 21st century,   promoting accuracy to unprecedented levels. With lightning-fast verification processes, users can now verify major documents in real time with just a click!

That’s not all! 

Our Platform is industry-agnostic & has verification solutions tailored to every industry’s needs, with CANDY & Click2Verify into the picture. In essence, the implementation of AI in our verification API has not only eased the verification process but has even elevated efficiency, accuracy and user satisfaction to new heights, setting new standards for document & identity authentication in the industry. 

  • The main USPs of our improved efficiency include-
  • We deliver a 99% Uptime round the clock.
  • Encourages Mass Verification based on large volumes of request
  • Our tech support is top-notch from start to finish. 
  • We boast a little to no Go-Live time.

Nonetheless, our metrics define why we are setting the industry’s benchmark-

  • 4X increase in sales productivity 
  • 92% in Turn-around Time 
  • 85% Lower Cost of Onboarding 
  • 65% Reduction in Customer Drop-offs
  • 10M+ Onboardings every month

4. What specific improvements have you seen in verification processes since integrating AI into your Verification API?

Lately, we have reached the pinnacle of observation, that our verification APIs have turned the tide of verification, bringing a revolutionary change in the efficiency of the process. When we eye the history of the verification landscape, we realise how old scenarios have turned the tables and brought unparalleled innovation with our APIs that verify and sell. 

Moreover, B2B enterprises have even encountered themselves in quite a predicament, grappling with the monotonous duties of verifying identities and documents. Just as manual method verification is slow and tedious, so have been the cases of fraud and scams breeding on these platforms. On the flip side, it is with the integration of AI into the verification API infrastructure that new changes have been unleashed.

Let this view the comparison as out with the old & in with the New-

1. Inefficiency of Traditional Verification

Traditional document verification methods are slow, labour-intensive, and prone to errors, leading to delays in critical processes like loan approvals and property transactions. Their manual nature also limits scalability, making mass verifications challenging.

2. Rampant Fraud and Scams 

The prevalence of fraud is rampant due to the ease of producing fake documents. Fraudsters exploit loopholes in verification processes to secure loans and make false insurance claims. 

3. Need for advanced verification solutions 

Emerging technologies, including biometrics and AI offer efficient verification methods, wherein the latter provides accurate identity verification, while the latter detects fraudulent behaviour, enabling proactive risk mitigation. These solutions enhance security and streamline verification processes for businesses and institutions. 

Innovative Solutions by SprintVerify 

1. Efficient Identity Verification

Our Verification APIs enable remote, contactless and real-time verification methods for simplified authentication by detecting identity theft with its comprehensive background checks. 

2. Cost & Time Savings 

Save up to 70% on operating expenditures and 90% on onboarding time. Similarly, you can automate the background screening, while scaling up operations efficiently and swiftly. 

3. Enhanced productivity and oversight.

With SprintVerify, You can improve your applicant experience and increase productivity, while gaining real-time visibility & staying ahead in capturing timely insights. 

In conclusion, our passion has fueled our mission to revolutionise the industry. It is by addressing the challenges faced within these sectors that businesses strive to create a future, where financial processes are streamlined, efficient, and transparent.

5. Do you have examples of how AI in your Verification API has revolutionised employment checks for your clients?

In the business world, it is the survival of the fittest. That is exactly what our verification APIs do to revolutionize the employment checks for clients. No wonder, it is believed that AI-enabled API has simplified the process of onboarding a candidate by determining whether the document uploaded is relevant to the specified field. It verifies and identifies the document type at the time of enrollment or application. Not only can our AI-enabled APIs verify and extract data from uploaded documents, but they also provide a confidence score that assists in determining whether the document is counterfeit or genuine.

What assists this process is our OCR Software, which helps us stay ahead of the pack in terms of document extraction and detection, channelling the power of documents just right. Be it PAN, Aadhaar or Passport, our technology is delivering results in real-time, ensuring the accuracy & legitimacy of documents.

6. How does your Verification API provider ensure data security and privacy when using AI for KYC and KYB checks?

Not only are we the industry choice as a verification API provider, but ensure data security and privacy, while leveraging AI for KYC and KYB Checks. Encouragingly, robust encryption and secure data solutions ensure that we safeguard sensitive information both during transit and at rest. 

Additionally, we ensure that regulatory checks are performed to identify and ensure potential vulnerabilities while ensuring a proactive stance against emerging threats. 

Furthermore, our commitment to compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA underscores our dedication to maintaining high standards of privacy and security. Additionally, vigilance is our middle name, while we ensure accountability for our end-users , believing in the integrity of their data throughout the KYC & KYB Verification process. 

7. In what ways does AI help your Verification API stay compliant with evolving regulations in verification processes?

AI has been a superhero behind our Verification APIs compliance prowess, ensuring that it stays on the right side of the law in the dynamic world of verification regulations. 

SprintVerify provides the ability to effectively respond to evolving complex regulatory requirements through its flexible framework, compliance features, and adaptable technology. Here’s how SprintVerify ensures businesses can navigate and comply with changing regulations:

  • Customizable Workflows: SprintVerify offers customizable workflows that can be adjusted to align with specific regulatory requirements. This flexibility enables businesses to modify verification processes, thresholds, and parameters as regulations evolve.
  • Configurable Compliance Rules: The platform allows businesses to set up compliance rules that reflect changing regulatory standards. As regulations change, businesses can modify these rules to ensure that verification processes remain compliant.
  • Adaptable Verification Methods: SprintVerify can incorporate new verification methods and technologies as required by evolving regulations. For example, if regulations introduce biometric verification, the platform can integrate this method seamlessly.
  • Data Handling and Privacy: SprintVerify adheres to data protection and privacy regulations by implementing robust encryption, secure data storage, and access controls. Its features evolve to meet changing data protection requirements.
  • Auditing and Reporting: SprintVerify’s reporting capabilities enable businesses to track and document verification activities. This information can be crucial for demonstrating compliance during audits.
  • Real-Time Updates: SprintVerify stays updated with the latest regulatory changes and industry standards. Regular updates ensure that SprintVerify’s compliance features are aligned with the most current requirements.

As regulatory requirements become more intricate, SprintVerify’s scalability ensures that businesses can handle the increased demand for verification without compromising compliance. Likewise, SprintVerify’s commitment to continuous improvement means that it proactively enhances compliance features based on customer feedback, industry best practices, and emerging regulations.

We empower businesses to maintain compliance while navigating changing landscapes, ensuring they remain by the latest standards and regulations.

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